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Microwave Bowl Cozies: Crazy for Pink

Image of Microwave Bowl Cozies: Crazy for Pink

The Microwave Bowl Cozy is handcrafted using 100% Cotton Fabric and Lining. Nestle your small or medium bowl in this 100% Cotton Microwave Cozy and you will never burn your fingers again when removing the heated bowl from the Microwave Oven! Your hot food can go directly from the Microwave Oven to your table. Or use it with Ice Cream to prevent your fingers from getting cold while holding the bowl!

The Microwave Bowl Cozy is best used for reheating food in the microwave for three minutes or less. WARNING: FLAMMABLE! Do not use in oven. 100% Cotton fabric is safe for use in the Microwave Oven ONLY.

Product Care: Wash in warm water. Dry on medium heat.
Size SMALL: Fits most Single-Serving Bowls, 6.5” diameter or smaller
Items usually ship in 3-5 business days.